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Good Citizen Gallery

Offbeat yet steadfast, this engaging and inventive gallery near the intersection of Gravois and Jefferson avenues never fails to surprise. Walk in one month and see a collection of what look like turn-of-the-century photographs but are actually contemporary shots created from handmade pinhole cameras (Pinholio); next month discover a labyrinth of thrift-store items, assembled into a precarious sculptural installation, which over the exhibit's course will proceed to disappear (Mike Calway-Fagan's The Indeterminate Length). Under the direction of Tennessee transplant Andrew James, Good Citizen's programming has the organic feel of a personally expressive effort, though the work on view is never James' own. It's his vision that carries through and attracts artists with a similar mind for experimentation, inquisitiveness, formal expertise — and a healthy dose of humor. Sired by a Creep, organized by the North Carolina collective Team Lump, presented a winking, sad-sack approach to conceptualism, and a substantial, carefully installed and utterly untrivial body of work. At the opposite pole, Jamie Kreher's Equivalents felt perfectly of a piece inviting a rigorous and reflective investigation of the experimental photographer's craft. National and local, light and serious, Good Citizen makes good on its quirky approach time and time again.

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