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White Flag Projects

Any talk about our town's tameness when it comes to art and art galleries comes to a quick conclusion with three trips down the tongue each ending in "Y": Tighty Whitey Party. Derided by some as a glorified toga party, regaled by others as our town's answer to American Apparel's heroin chic, last June's Tighty Whitey Party at White Flag Projects was a bash for the ages, and the crowning event of the young gallery's second season. Of course, an underwear party does not a gallery make. That takes vision, which, for White Flag, comes in the form of gallery director Matthew Strauss. From its inaugural show, guest-curated by Vice magazine photo editor Tim Barber, to a group show featuring the works of video artists Jill Magid and Marco Boggio Sella, White Flag consistently mounts some of the most challenging exhibitions in town. But best of all, unlike so many galleries in town, White Flag has a dress code that goes something like this: No Pants? No Shirt? No Problem.

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