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Hoffman LaChance Fine Art

Hoffman LaChance Fine Art's Michael Hoffman, Alicia LaChance and William LaChance are artists of unique talent, exhibiting regularly throughout St. Louis and other cities. Collectively, the trio curates a rotation of shows that offer exhibition space to artists who, like the owners, are in the thick of the art world but not quite at the level of solo shows in New York. As a result, Hoffman LaChance offers an excellent view of the art being created in St. Louis and provides a gathering place for the people making the work. The gallery's working-class vibe belies its location in the heart of Clayton, but that cognitive dissonance won't apply much longer; as of October 13 Hoffman LaChance relocates from Forsyth Boulevard to downtown Maplewood. Visit during a weekday and you'll likely find Michael or Bill at work and ready to cheerfully set aside the brush to lead you around the current show. There's something both inspiring and humbling about a curator in paint-spattered shoes promoting not just his own work but the entire city—it's a reassuringly St. Louis feeling.
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