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If you really could meet a special someone at an art opening, Mad Art would be the place to do it. Not far from the grand Anheuser-Busch brewery, nestled amid the cozy, historic red bricks of Soulard, is an old police station and lockup that functions astoundingly well as an occasional gallery space. The Soulard jail was best employed last spring when Webster University and University of Missouri-St. Louis art students put on a rockin' good show. One artist lay prone on the floor as water dripped on him in a bit of self-imposed torture for the sake of art; another applied and reapplied lipstick while writhing on the floor and kissing a canvas until, inevitably, she disrobed. Lots to talk about with that special someone you might have met, with a detour to the former jail cells and the art showcased within them, and the Cat's Meow just a few blocks away to talk more about art and the chance occasions of romance.
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