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Feast Your Eyes, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

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Food is the new rock, or so you'll hear culinary snobs declare. Whereas our leading cultural critics once swooned over Keith Richards' riffs and Bob Dylan's lyrics, they now thrill to a perfectly foraged plate of local carrots drizzled with balsamic reduction — or an expertly cured torchon of foie gras. We see their point, but after taking part in the Contemporary Art Museum's Feast Your Eyes dinner series, we found ourselves struck by a better analogy: Really, food is the new art. At this monthly event, the city's top chefs find inspiration in the museum's exhibits, serving a tasting menu that pairs brilliantly with the pieces on display. Museum curators mingle with guests and explain the back-story on the art, while the chefs address the table before each course, detailing how the food they are serving was informed by the artists' work. It's a brilliant combo, and while the evening could easily be stuffy in less skilled hands, this is the oh-so-modern Contemporary Art Museum — it's an intimate gathering in which the conversation is as sparkling as the cocktails. If only more art events were this dazzling, museums could start charging Madonna-level prices for admission. 3750 Washington Boulevard, St. Louis, 63108. 314-535-4660,
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