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Plaza Frontenac Cinema

Everyone loves going to work, but aside from all that joy we feel about the daily grind, er, the daily funfest, the most dedicated among us still reflect upon the possibilities a life of leisure could offer. So why not pretend you have nothing productive you should be doing on a Tuesday afternoon? Why not skip work? Live for the moment, and begin your make-believe life at Plaza Frontenac Cinema. Once you're there, you'll notice that the other half enjoys nice flavored Italian sodas while watching their afternoon films. You should follow suit. As you wait for the (typically highbrow) film to begin, you'll overhear your fellow moviegoers worrying to one another about whether there'll be enough cookies at some event, or whether so-and-so gets enough sleep. Again, take their lead and ponder whether eating popcorn straight out of the bag without using your fingers is truly wrong. Then settle back in your comfy seat in front of one of the cinema's six screens and enjoy the show. Because when the credits roll, it's back to real life for you.
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