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Justin "Protect the Cup" Poole

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In the criminal justice system, arrests are often considered a moment of utter demoralization for the unfortunate soul in handcuffs. But not so for Justin Poole, a Blues fanatic whose arrest at a Busch Stadium watch party during Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals went from good to bad to legendary — all in the span of a single Facebook video. Poole, drunk on both the Blues' championship victory and, well, booze, had been singled out by an usher for expulsion from the stands. Poole responded by refusing to move. As a bystander filmed, officers attempted to handcuff the long-haired superfan. All the while, Poole held onto something far more important than a municipal violation for trespassing: his glass, Stanley Cup-shaped commemorative beer mug. As the arms of the law closed around him, Poole thrust the cup toward the person filming, and with three words — "Protect the cup!" — invoked the spirit of the miniature championship hockey trophy in his hand. Alas, the cup fell to the ground, and Poole was briefly detained, but his local legend was made, the video documenting what he'd later call "one of the best nights of my life." Which makes sense. This year, the Blues will try to protect their cup — you know, the real, non-beer-containing Stanley Cup. And even if they don't, and the Cup falls, what matters is that it'll still be one hell of a thing to watch.

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