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The Neutral Zone

There was a time when you could become king of nerds by dominating at Ms. Pac-Man in a musty back-room arcade. Then the Internet became a thing. Trash talk is now done online through a Bluetooth headset, not face to face. While few spots in our city still offer that former arcade glory, the Neutral Zone is home to heavy nostalgia. Save your quarters — it's just a flat fee to become a joystick jockey of yesteryear. The back room is lined with nearly 70 games, all set to play for free, fully restored and ready for grubby gamer paws. Classics like Double Dragon and Contra hold court beside the huge, immersive Star Wars Trilogy game. Sit in cockpits, save the princess or play a heady game of tennis in this pixelated paradise. There is more than one way to hemorrhage your wallet here, as the Neutral Zone doubles as a killer vintage toy store.

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