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Roots Antiques

Roots is a vividly arranged antique store in Maplewood's renovated Moose Hall, run by three bouncy sisters on a mission to fill your space with non-bouncing billiard balls. Receptacles filled with these clacking spheres occupy every surface, and before you leave the shop, you'll be envisioning a bowl of them on that empty side table in a corner of your den, too. The greenish-gray walls and tin ceiling of Roots provide the perfect backdrop for brighter vintage pops of red and yellow and blue, whether these take the shape of old signage letters or chalkware baskets of flowers. The sisters' careful eye for the good stuff has been noted by many others in town. In fact, they've just been asked to join the Collective, a boutique shopping bazaar set to open this fall in downtown's Mercantile Exchange.

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