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George Street Antique Mall

Alton is one of the most haunted towns in America for a reason. The antiques there have bound the spirits of their former owners to this plane: Who could leave such lovely items behind? A good portion of the ghost magnets can be found at the George Street Antique Mall. If you ever make it to the far reaches of this cavernous place, past the pristine Waterfall Suites and hatboxes full of feathered toques, don't cross the threshold of any door you might find there. We've heard rumors that other shoppers have disappeared through it, forever, into 1901. It's that kind of spooky-creepy setting: It doesn't look like an antique mall so much as an exotic bazaar of forgotten artifacts. Half the shop, which occupies the bottom floor of a large warehouse, is unheated in the winter, and none of it is air-conditioned in the summer. But brave the unaltered temperatures: You will find amazing old objects here — and a nagging ghost who will make sure you pamper the Thing that chooses you....

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