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Warson Woods Antique Gallery

The booths in the Warson Woods Antique Gallery all have a curated look, unlike the usual hoi polloi hodgepodge of lesser antique malls. "Mall" really isn't a classy enough word for this place, or for the dealers here, whom you can sometimes glimpse as they replenish their stock — cardigans tied around shoulders, headache bands clamped in place, tennis whites spotless. (Just adding a quick silver service before dashing off for a hard serve at the Racquet Club.) Each booth seems styled to emanate a long-ago place. Upper Michigan Lake Cottage circa 1910, with chipping green wicker. Debutante Boudoir circa 1919, with apricot ostrich feathers. Cocktail Lounge circa 1928, with French art deco marble and wood bar. Hunting Lodge circa 1933, with pointer lithographs. It's a rare treat to drift along the aisles in a time-travel haze, coveting every single thing you see! You really don't have to search hard at all to find something you must have here. Which — strangely — takes away none of the treasure-hunting fun.

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