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Antique Menagerie

Some so-called antique stores scare our pants off, so packed are they with ancient kitchen utensils and cracked china dolls, so filled to the brim with rusty this and half-broken that. What if everything came to life, The Sorcerer's Apprentice-style, and knocked us unconscious? That's no way to go. And so we're absolutely delighted by Antique Menagerie, where everything is beautiful, and beautifully kept. This Cherokee Street shop comprises two well-organized levels of furniture, lighting and decorative accent pieces, most of it from the 1930s and "40s. And in spite of the antiques' excellent quality, shoppers won't experience sticker shock. More like sticker awe: a solid cherry breakfront for under $700, a gorgeously detailed secretary's desk for $350, a 1930s mail table for $125. Owner Don Wiskamp wants people to actually enjoy these lovely pieces, not as hey-don't-touch-that artifacts but as fully functional objects. So stop in, say hello -- and maybe offer some chin-scratches to Wiskamp's adorable coterie of elderly terriers.
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