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Joint Venture Antiques

One can just imagine the fey twin brothers on Antiques Roadshow keeling over dead upon entering Joint Ventures, their last words a collective "Oh, my God!" Yes, Joint Venture is that spectacular. Although it may not be the biggest antique store in town, ounce for ounce it's the most interesting. A mainstay of the DeMun neighborhood for more than two decades, Joint Ventures is jam-packed with furniture, porcelain and china, nineteenth-century art, and a treasure chest's worth of knickknacks and doodads (including ceramic whistles and bronze busts of dead men you've never heard of). Prices range from just a few bucks for a feathered mask or crystal ashtray to $8,000 for some of the rarer pieces. Give proprietresses Beverly Johnson and Celeste Lipscomb a bit of your browsing time and you won't go away disappointed -- or empty-handed.
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