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The Hill Antique Market

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This is an entirely subjective pick (all others in this list are the product of the scientific method), because people approach antique shops in different ways. Who are we to say your junk-shop thrill of sifting through used batteries and legs of Barbie dolls in search of a Homer Simpson collector’s coin is wrong? We’re just saying The Hill Antique Market (4923 Daggett Avenue; 314-961-7879) is a little better curated than most. Sometimes, one man’s trash really is garbage, and sometimes that man is trying to sell it to you. This spot in a converted warehouse on the west end of the neighborhood does a better job than most of angling toward the side of treasure. It’s still random. You’ll still find unexpected gems; they will just take a little less sifting. You’re probably going to pay a little more, but you’ll be rewarded in items you won’t find anywhere else and in an experience that is perfectly pleasant. And when you’re tired of shopping — or just want to give a dealer a little more time to stew about your “final” offer on that dresser — slip into Oliva, an in-house cafe that is a hidden gem in its own right. —Doyle Murphy
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