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Show Me Charlotte

You might not expect an LGBT talk show to find a home on a station that boasts fart comedy and political crossfire, but host Show Me Charlotte ensures that The Gayborhood actually fits in quite well with 1380 FM's tagline "Xtreme Talk Radio." As St. Louis' first-ever commercial talk radio show aimed at the LGBT community, The Gayborhood launched in June to high acclaim with a program devoted to coming-out stories. Since then, Show Me Charlotte has featured programs about drag-queen pageants, roller derby, LGBT teen struggles and stuff straight folks should know about their gay friends. This ain't your mama's talk radio, but the weighty issues confirm that it's not a nonstop glitterathon, either. Over just a few short months, Show Me Charlotte and The Gayborhood have shown that St. Louis is ready to discuss LGBT issues large and small — an "xtreme" that we hope becomes the norm.

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