Best AM Radio Personality

Frank O. Pinion

John Craddock has been doing the same shtick for more than 30 years now, delivering playful radio banter under the nom de air of Frank O. Pinion. Tuning into the Large Morning Show in the Afternoon on KTRS (550 AM) is to tune out from the world for a few moments with old friends. Think the Three Stooges with Mr. Pinion as Moe, and his cohosts Dan Strauss and Ian "The Peon" Geisz as Larry and Curly. They're slapstick. They're irreverent. They're Skittles for the brain. Yet, unlike the original Stooges, they're entirely in on the joke. Speaking of, if Frank O. Pinion's joke of the day doesn't put a smile on your face, you need to consult an orthopedic surgeon: Your funny bone is busted. As the Frank O. Pinion bumper stickers ask, "Are you AM in the PM?" You betcha.

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