Best AM Radio Personality

John Carney

We won't lie: When we flip over to the AM dial, KMOX (1120 AM) is the first place we hit. Go ahead and chalk it up to the station's notorious high wattage or St. Louis nostalgia (anyone else excited that the Cardinals are coming back to KMOX next year?). On weeknights from 8 p.m. until midnight, John Carney holds court with an easygoing charm and a kitchen-sink approach to nighttime radio. Carney's catchall show — aptly named The John Carney Show — includes everything from Hollywood gossip to tips from financial experts and visits from comedians. His "Thursday Night Music Club" invites local rock writers to clue listeners in on upcoming concerts and national releases, and his own love of music gives a nice shot of rock & roll to the talk-radio format. Best of all, Carney holds the whole mess together with his lovably gruff verve and occasionally bemused — but never cynical — demeanor.

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