Best AM Radio Personality

Davie Lee

Davie Lee has such a leathery, down-home delivery you swear you're listening to the Cracker Barrel pitchman. But more than a sultry voice, Lee is a living icon who got his start spinning records as a Dallas teenager in the 1950s. Like such luminary DJs as Gary Perkins, Wolfman Jack and Bill Randle, Lee knows something today's jocks just can't grasp: A great radio host always plays second fiddle to the music. Each weekday morning Lee serves up generous helpings of classic country hits from the '60s and '70s. Between songs the Rockabilly and St. Louis Radio Hall of Famer peppers the tunes with his wistful tales of yesteryear, then signs off by telling listeners to "Sleep warm." Sure, it's homespun. But like biscuits and gravy, Davie Lee keeps us coming back each and every morning.
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