Best AM Radio Personality

Martin Kilcoyne, KFNS (590 AM)

This category's a toss-up between Kilcoyne and Tim McKernan, the wee man who slides into the chair next to the moonlighting Channel 2 sports anchor every weekday morning at 7 at 590's incongruously located studio in Webster Groves. By ditching his TV gig and focusing on the spoken word, McKernan has upped his game, scathingly singling out Blues season-ticket holders and Lake of the Ozarks time-share occupants for the pale hoosier trash they are. But nothing tops Kilcoyne's semi-regular mimicry of "Ask Tony," a regular feature on rival KMOX radio's Cardinals pregame show. In a town that places its sports figures on a gold-plated pedestal, it's good to see a first-tier TV personality put it on the line by hilariously spoofing a baseball deity he must face on a weekly basis in the bowels of Busch. And props to La Russa for being a good sport about it: Kilcoyne actually coaxed the Cardinals skipper into coming on the air one morning to effectively poke fun at himself. If only all St. Louis sports radio could be this self-deprecating and clever.
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