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The Future Antiques

Call it retro, call it vintage, just don't call it old, because the wares at the Future Antiques, or TFA, are anything but outdated. You could easily lose yourself in room after room of furniture, clothes and decorations as classically American as June Cleaver's pearls. After sixteen years of business, TFA has perfected the art of finding the diamonds in the rough of estate-buyout sales. The folks here specialize in mid-century items that are clearly chosen for their appeal to this century's eye and aesthetic; everything can be easily integrated into your modern-day life. What TFA sells is in great condition but still has the personality and true vintage style that can't be found in plastic re-creations. And thanks to the store's chic displays, Grandma's kitchen gadgets and Great-Aunt Myrtle's hats and dresses never looked so fabulous.

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