Best All-Ages Venue

A Van Down by the River

There is an all-ages venue within the borders of St. Louis that defies all of the rules. Too loud? Not an issue. BYOB? Absolutely. Want to shoot off fireworks? By all means, enjoy. In fact, want to hit a car with a sledgehammer for a while? Set a pile of couches on fire? Strip naked and bark at the moon? The world is your oyster. All it takes is a gas-powered generator and the headlights of a van, and soon Matt Foley's reluctant home is your world of unbridled musical chaos. Particularly in the summer months, some of St. Louis' more outside-the-box thinkers have been doing just this, booking word-of-mouth events with no overhead and no rules on the banks of the mighty Mississippi. But what if the police show up and shut it down? There's a lot of space alongside that river; move the party down a mile and give the fish and barges down there a show, too. Just don't forget the bug spray.

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