Best All-Ages Venue

The Firebird

We all have fond memories of concerts we saw as kids — whether we were (mortified to be) driven there by our parents or (secretly) snuck out of the house. With its friendly, all-ages policy, the Firebird facilitates such formative experiences. Young 'uns aren't cordoned off from the front row — and, yes, this means their favorite national and local musicians can drip sweat directly on them. OMG! (Added bonus: These sweaty stars are also easily accessible for post-show meeting and greeting.) Like beloved-but-defunct clubs such as the Galaxy and Rocket Bar, the Firebird continues to book a healthy mix of reliable touring attractions and up-and-comers. In other words, another generation of St. Louisans can brag about seeing Arena Band X in a tiny club before they were mega superstars.

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