Best All-Ages Venue

Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center

"Sure, come on in, but only if you pay a surcharge. But watch where you sit and stand, and wait, let me put this X' on your hand — or both of them!" While most venues have stages and even barriers and bodyguards to separate audience members from performers, the Lemp Art Center's lack of leveling allows for a truly intimate experience in which audience members of all ages can congregate in a way that amply befits the passion of the performers. A $5 cover charge for most shows and a committed "No booze, No drugs, No jerks" policy removes several factors that otherwise separate minors from the big kids. It doesn't matter how old you are at Lemp. Every seat in the house is a good one, and they're all open to everyone. In fact, there's probably a couch cushion there with your name waiting to be written on it.
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