Best All-Ages Venue

The Pageant

Sarah? Ohmygod! OK, so, tonight is the big H.I.M. show at the Pageant. We HAVE to go line up early, just like we did for AFI, Dashboard Confessional and Panic! At the Disco. And don't you dare say no! And yes, I'm aware it's 100 degrees. Who cares? Tommy just called me and he's totally there already—and you know how much I want to make out with him. Besides, we have to get there early so we can get a good spot in the pit when the doors open. That's the ONLY place to see His Hotness Ville Valo. (Not that I'd want to hang out with my parents upstairs in the balcony, anyway. But still.) Plus it puts us that much closer to the merch booths—and did I mention Ville's gorgeous, GORGEOUS face? People have been lined up since eight this morning! Call me!
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