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Bob Jamerson's letter to the editor

Bob Jamerson, the brawny, tutu-wearing majorette who can be seen strutting through the Central West End twirling a baton, was kicked out of this year's St. Patrick's Day parade in Dogtown and escorted away in handcuffs. Amid the media tempest that ensued, police contended that they had personally told Jamerson the Sunday before the parade that he was not welcome to participate. Jamerson emphatically denied that, and then added an exclamation point in a subsequent letter to the editor of the Post-Dispatch: "I was on vacation the previous week and flew in from Puerto Rico on Sunday evening. If police talked to anyone Sunday, it was not me. For proof, I have an airline boarding pass, and at least 40 other gay men from St. Louis can verify where I was that day."
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