Best After-Hours Playground for Chronic Weekend Inebriates

The public park with the two twisty slides at Fourteenth and Lindell

With the ever-expanding, über-hip Washington Avenue club scene pouring more and more gassed-up boozehounds out into the streets of downtown each and every Friday, it is not a stretch to assume that a renaissance in late-night public-park usage is afoot. If you would like to contribute to such a renaissance, get on down to the supercool playground(s) at Fourteenth and Lindell after polishing off that last Red Bull-and-Stoli at Lo. Boasting two challenging yellow twisty slides and a pool in the middle, we recommends going headfirst down one of the sloped snakes and losing your cell phone in the dark before stripping nude and taking a dunk in the grimy pond. The motto's "go big or go home," right? Live it or leave it.
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