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Metro — Decongestant M

Say what you will about Metro's budget shortfalls, failed lawsuits and scattershot train and bus service. When it comes to clever commercial spots, the transit agency's "Decongestant M" campaign hits like a bullet train. It's quick. It's timely. And — most important of all — it leaves us wanting to hop aboard. Created by local advertising firm Schupp Co. (, the commercials mimic those ubiquitous drug ads that have become the bane of television viewers the world over. Our favorite spot in the series begins with the image of a commuter caught in gridlock caused by Highway 40 construction. As the man takes his hands from the steering wheel to rub his temples, a narrator begins: "When clogging and congestion are at their worst, it's time for Decongestant M. Decongestant M contains the active ingredient MetroLink and MetroBus in a time-release formula that provides rush-hour relief in minutes. Take it once in the morning and once at night to relieve all your symptoms of highway clog." Even better is the disclaimer that's read at blazing speed at the end of the commercial. "Side effects may include less traffic, reduced stress. Should not be taken by those who enjoy sitting in traffic." Metro, funny? Who'da thunk?

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