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Romantix Intimate Boutique

Porn has become so entrenched in mainstream pop culture that it shouldn't surprise you to find that Romantix looks more like a Target or Walgreens than the back-alley smut peddler of generations past. The store has a brightly lighted and, uh, wide-open layout, and the staff is friendly but not intrusive. The video selection is back and to the left, neatly arranged into the major genres (all-girl, big-boob, anal) with separate sections for classics (the oeuvre of Little Oral Annie) and more contemporary trends (MILFs). As is industry standard, new releases can top $30, but a wide array of titles are available for $10 to $20. What's more, Romantix is conveniently located next door to the Penthouse Club, so if, um, circumstances put you in the mood for a grown-up flick, your horny of plenty is only steps away.

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