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Hustler Hollywood

Larry Flynt has long advocated that pornographers such as he need not operate under a cloak of darkness and anonymity. The man tools around in a gold-plated wheelchair, for chrissake! Flynt likes his porn big, ostentatious and right in your face, and that's just what you get at his new Hustler Hollywood in Berkeley. Since opening in June, the store has turned the local smut biz on its ear by offering the raunchiest of sex toys, lingerie and videos in a polished megastore whose illumination candlepower Ernest Hemingway was referring to when he wrote...oh, never mind. Of particular note is Hustler Hollywood's exhaustive library of adult films: more than 10,000 DVDs to choose from, including the latest in interactive videos from studios such as Zero Tolerance, Third Degree Films and, of course, Hustler. And who says they don't make pornos with plots anymore? Our favorite titles: The Porn Identity, Agent Filthy 0069, and...wait for it...The Da Vinci Load.
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