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Wherehouse Music

The music store is spotless. There are the traditional aisles of CDs divided by genre. Past the pop/rock, heavy metal, country and easy listening, you'll find the Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy dolls, then the guitars and keyboards against the back wall. Winding around on the other side, the DVDs are similarly categorized: action/adventure, comedy, drama and, oh yeah, mature viewing. Two shelves toward the front—placed so cashiers can keep an eye on <\#213>em—feature both classic and hot new adult, um, releases, each row obstructed with opaque Playboy Bunny placards. It's genius, really: Out in the open, yet hidden; deliciously prurient, yet tastefully displayed. Believe us, we've done our fair share of furtive, guilt-ridden porn shopping. But at Wherehouse, the experience is remarkably shame-free. Plus you can pick up the new Justin Timberlake in the same fell swoop.
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