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Fantasy Video

It's Tuesday, dinner time, and Fantasy Video is packed. At least a dozen men crowd the video section that's smaller than a typical one-bedroom south-city flat. Patrons are sharing aisles in the kind of place where you'd rather make your selections in private, considering the fare. The more you look, the more you discover -- this is a place for the Internet-spoiled addict who demands the unusual and bizarre. Elderly women, pregnant women and barely legal teenagers getting gang-banged. Whips, ropes, leather, shaving, slaves and mistresses. More than a dozen movies dedicated to boys getting pegged by girls wearing strap-ons and an equal number in which every female performer is a guaranteed ejaculator. Boys doing boys, boys doing girls and boys, and of course, girls doing girls, sometimes all in the same scene. Midgets and the morbidly obese, and vice versa. Seemingly impossible gynecological maneuvers -- think sex toys, rubber tubing, speculums, an extremely flexible urethral opening and six quarts of Astroglide -- captured in close-up in such unforgettables as Peehole Playpen #17. The mind boggles. Several patrons carry three or more videos crooked in their elbows as they peruse the floor-to-ceiling racks, pulling out possibilities, checking box photos. Lord knows where they find the time or the stamina -- these movies are all due back in two days. But it's hard to resist a bargain these days, especially at Fantasy Video, where videos and a less-extensive collection of DVDs go for $1.99 apiece on Tuesdays. Low prices are nice, but it's the variety that sets Fantasy apart. There's something for just about everyone, from the nervous first-timer to the veteran who makes conversation with the clerk as he plops down a few multiple-penetration tapes, each lasting four hours.
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