Best Actress in a Musical

Katie McGee

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown is usually about innocuous smiles and chuckles. It preaches the gospel of forgiveness, because it reminds us that we all have more than our share of shortcomings. But the production earlier this year at Saint Louis University was also about attitude. As Snoopy, Katie McGee was so supercharged with breezy, cocky attitude, she made us all want to go out and adopt a dog. (Preferably her.) And it wasn't just in the big musical numbers like "Suppertime" that she sparkled. Even when standing still on the stage, McGee could fearlessly flirt with the audience simply by staring them down and then batting her eyebrows. She was shamelessly coy and brazenly sensual. If anyone ever earned the appellation "man's best friend," it was this Snoopy.

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