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Kevin Beyer

An actor who knows his role is always a comfort, but an actor who knows his role in the play is a necessity. Kevin Beyer is an all-knowing actor. Long a local theater fixture, never has he been more impressive than in the varied performances he delivered over the past thirteen months. First there was his towering portrayal of Salieri in Amadeus, which St. Louis Shakespeare staged in August 2004. Four months later he lent sensitive support to Christopher Limber's bravura portrayal of a World War II survivor in Hearts at New Jewish. In February, again at New Jewish, Beyer enacted an even smaller part in Unexpected Tenderness. In just two scenes, he transformed a one-note role into something dangerous and mesmerizing. Large roles, small roles: Bring 'em on. Beyer is not out to prove anything to anyone; rather, here's one quietly assured actor who simply loves the vocation of acting. That love shows in his work.
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