Best Actor

Terry Meddows

Yes, Terry Meadows again -- and without apology. In last year's "Best of St. Louis" we described him as "the most reliably original and accomplished actor in town." This year, in addition to underscoring those words, we also want to note the range of his work. Meddows turns up in everything from fluffy musicals to serious drama, from classic farce to classic Chekhov, and he always brings a clean, incisive approach to his work. If Meddows were a physician, you'd expect to see a scalpel in his hands -- his work is that precise. He also turns up regularly in local readings of fledgling plays and movie scripts. It's invaluable for a writer-in-progress to hear his words read this well, this early. So there it is: In quantity, quality and variety, Meddows modestly dominates the local acting scene -- and theatergoers are the beneficiaries.
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