Best $6 Lunch

The Tiffin

So hungry. Need lunch. Have...six dollars. (Where does it all go?) Could eat a sub. Don't want a sub. Could have a protein bar and a wheatgrass shot. Could also remove own toenails with rusty pliers. Good Lord, so hungry. Hmm. Six dollars. Hmm. Gokul Snacks and Sweets! Perfect. Cruise up Page Avenue, keep an eye out for the unassuming strip-mall storefront, park. Stride past the yummy-looking confections in the glassed-in pastry case. Order the tiffin. That's a British-Indian term for "boxed lunch." The goodies in Gokul's tiffin change every day, but there's always fluffy rice pulao, a generous portion of naan (delicious, chewy flatbread), a couple of pakora (vegetable fritters) or samosas (addictively good potato-and-pea turnovers) and two vegetarian entrées. Maybe today there'll be aloo gobi: tender cauliflower and potatoes, both a gorgeous shade of yellow thanks to turmeric. Ooh, and maybe saag paneer — is there anything better than creamy spinach and homemade cheese? And there's always that awesome rice pudding, kheer, in the tiffin. Time to pay. $5.99. Is this for real? Yes. Is there any better lunch deal in town? Not a chance.
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