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For most people, the basic requirement for a great 3 a.m. bar is to serve drinks until 3 a.m. Revelers want to keep the party going, fueling one last push of early-morning debauchery before heading home. Sandrina's, in the conveniently located Southwest Garden neighborhood, takes the service to the next level with a kitchen that's open until 2 a.m. The only thing better than late-night drinks is accompanying them with late-night munchies. The bar has enough space to accommodate at least four party buses full of your closest friends, and it's also stocked with an eclectic game room to occupy them all. An extensive drink list includes a larger beer and wine list than at some of Sandrina's late-night brethren. It's the same with the food: Oysters, duck-confit sliders and meat loaf come as a welcome surprise to the hazy eyes of a booze-soaked partier and the sober designated bus driver alike.

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