Best 3 a.m. Bar

O'Connell's Pub

Let's be honest: Late-night bars don't exactly have a reputation for attracting sterling clientele. Most often patrons end up at a 3 a.m. bar when they are five or six drinks deep — and looking to continue the party by any means necessary. That's why O'Connell's, the venerable Irish pub at the foot of the Hill, is such a fine place for that last pint. With its dark wood booths and eternally dim lighting, time seems to stand still inside O'Connell's amber bubble. Here you'll find few chest-thumping alpha males or sad-eyed ladies looking to prolong the magic. It's not a place to pound vodka Red Bulls and make that last-ditch attempt at a hookup — instead it's a warm, snug place for a few beers and a few laughs.

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