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Beers to Christmas


Wait, there're specific beers for the holidays?! According to Whole Foods Market's Holiday Beer Class, such things do exist. What a wide, wonderful world this is. Instructors Ric Syberg and Andy Snead clue you in on the charms of Winter Warmers, Christmas Ales and Russian Imperial Stouts — the latter being one of the finer beverages you can throw down your throat. The class lasts from 6:30 to 8 p.m. and costs $20, but let's be honest: You were going to spend that much on beer anyway. This way you also learn about complementary cheeses and chocolates for your holiday tipple of choice. Whole Foods is located at 1601 South Brentwood Boulevard in Brentwood; call 314-968-7744 to reserve a space.
Wed., Dec. 19, 2007