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Bee There


Spelling was difficult before text-messaging and auto-correcting. Now, it's damn near impossible. How can we be expected to excel at that which we don't practice? We can't have our moms going over lists of spelling words with us at the breakfast table — no, really, we asked — but there is one more option: the Dizzy Spell. This monthly spelling bee hosted by the Atomic Cowboy (4140 Manchester Avenue; 314-775-0775 or at 8 p.m. benefits Whats Up Magazine (, a publication sold by our city's homeless people to provide them with financial means and transitional employment — a most worthy cause. At the adult bee, admission is $10, PBR is $1, and the team-based spelling practice is free. (The public humiliation might cost you a bit of pride though.) And there's even something called a "Spellbomb," but we recommend you leave this pineapple-infused tequila drink alone, that is, if you want to retain any of your new skillz.
Wed., March 3, 2010