Because We Invented the Anti-Trump Trump-Scented Candle

One of 75 reasons we love St. Louis in 2016

Definitely worth a crash course in candlemaking. - COURTESY OF JD & KATE INDUSTRIES
  • Definitely worth a crash course in candlemaking.

When Kate Dobson first dreamed up the idea of a candle that smelled like Vladimir Putin — with notes of pine, earth and "smoke billowing from the cities of your enemies" — she knew nothing about candle-making. Formerly an editor at the Washington Post, she'd moved with husband JD to his native St. Louis in 2009 and was busy raising their two kids while he worked in marketing and PR.

But the idea was too funny not to indulge — and six months of experimentation later, damned if Dobson hadn't figured out how to manufacture one hell of a candle. Naturally, an anti-Trump Trump-scented candle was quick to follow, complete with a shock of orange-ish faux-fur on top. Today you can buy both at Phoenix Rising (6331 Delmar Boulevard, University City; 314-862-0609).

And that's the thing about St. Louis — when you're not racing your way past the other rats, you actually have time to follow your dreams. Even if your dreams smell of suntan oil and steak, with notes of bullshit.

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