Because Our Chefs Prove That Creole and Korean Fusion Actually Works

One of 75 reasons we love St. Louis in 2016

A trio of dishes at Fleur de Lilies. - PHOTO BY MABEL SUEN
  • A trio of dishes at Fleur de Lilies.

Fleur de Lilies (1031 Lynch Street, 314-932-5051) is one of those culinary fusion ideas that seems horribly wrong on its face. Sure, bulgolgi tacos are a genius invention, but Korean-Creole fusion? The last thing anyone wants is crawfish bibimbap.

In opening this Soulard spot, though, owners Misha K. Sampson and Alexis Kim weren't merely chasing after trends. They wanted a restaurant that would honor their respective Creole and Korean heritages — not simply mishmash two different genres for the sake of something different. To do this, they smartly kept the different styles separate, opting for a predominantly Creole menu with accents of Korean-inspired dishes here and there. Their efforts result not only in some of the town's most delicious Creole food, but also in a few fun dishes, like the bulgolgi burger, that push the fusion concept as far as it needs to go without getting too far out there. Add to this an always-hopping Sunday brunch service and a fabulous rooftop patio, and Fleur de Lilies shows that fusion, if done right, can still be relevant.

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