Because 'Flapping or Filling' Will Never Get Old

One of 75 reasons we love St. Louis in 2016

Is the eagle flapping, or filling? Oh the suspense! - PHOTO COURTESY OF FLICKR/PAUL SABLEMAN
  • Is the eagle flapping, or filling? Oh the suspense!

Whether you're driving back to the suburbs from the Soulard Market or heading to the Hi-Pointe, three magical words always ring out on westbound Highway 40 between the Forest Park and Kingshighway exits: "Flapping or filling?!" So goes the favorite car game of St. Louis millennials, generously and unintentionally brought to you by Budweiser. Budweiser's large digital billboard sits to the left of the freeway, parallel to the Grandview Apartments. The fun comes in that you never know which of its two movements you'll get — the digitized bald eagle, flapping its wings in all of its pixelated glory, or the mug of beer it clutches, slowly filling up. Once the beer reaches the top, the billboard switches back to the bird, so the fun is guessing correctly which will be on screen at the moment you pass by. Hey, it's better than endlessly scrolling through your phone.

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