Beautiful Locally Grown Food 

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In this week's feature (read it here), restaurant critic Cheryl Baehr challenged herself to only eat food that was sourced from within 150 miles of St. Louis. In many ways, it was harder than she thought. But she also learned to revel in simple pleasures: fresh fruit, Berkshire pork, verdant greens. Click through and get inspired. Photos by Steve Truesdell.
OF 12
Garlic from Gateway Garlic Urban Farm in Carondelet.
Biver Farms' Drew Wells.
Radishes, grown at St. Louis' International Institute.
Sarah Buila from Buila Farms.
Chicken from California, Missouri's Buttonwood Farms.
Sarah Buila from Buila Farms...and a huge cabbage.
Sorghum from St. Charles.
Kale from Double Star Farms.
Local ground bison.
Asparagus from Double Star Farms in Bluford, Illinois.
Green onions from EarthDance Farms in Ferguson.
A host of local cheese, honey and produce.
Garlic from Gateway Garlic Urban Farm in Carondelet.