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Be Amazed, Be Very Amazed


When you grab a seat at your first Keith Jozsef show, you're expecting to see a few sleight-of-hand tricks with maybe a big ta-da at the end. Then, after the performance, as you're picking your jaw up off the floor, you're left wondering how any of that was possible, and how soon you can see something so unbelievable again. That's the magic of illusionist Jozsef. He's been polishing his craft for two decades, and this Halloween season, he presents a theatrical evening honoring the past, and the moment. For Mysteria, presented at 8 p.m. at the Grandel Theatre (3610 Grandel Square), Jozsef brings back some of his best illusions, which he'll present alongside the new ways he's conjured to deliciously delight and dumbfound. Tickets for this one-night-only affair cost $20 to $40; head over to for more information and to make a purchase. Oh, and be sure to wear something nice: You never know if you'll be one of the lucky ones called on stage!
Sat., Oct. 15, 2011