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9 p.m. Friday, July 16. Off Broadway, 3509 Lemp Avenue.



Batusis is the plural form of Batusi, the ridiculous go-go dance last seen in a Batman episode circa 1966 or the last time Beatle Bob had enough room to swing his elbows. Leave it to two of Gotham City's greatest punk-rock eccentrics, Sylvain Sylvain (of the New York Dolls) and Cheetah Chrome (of Dead Boys and Rocket From the Tombs), to nametheir hard-rock supergroup after such an obscure novelty — and leave it to them to recruit Enzo Penizzotto and Thommy Price (both of the Blackhearts) to cut one four-song EP that will scorch your bomber jacket and remind you why you've long forgotten about the Hives and Jet. This is punk-glam as trashy and slashy as it gets.