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Bat Boy Begins


On June 23, 1992, the respected supermarket tabloid, Weekly World News, sent shock-waves across the nation with its startling headline and cover story “Bat Boy Found in West Virginia Cave.” In the years that followed, the Weekly World News would continue its exclusive coverage on the trials and tribulations of the half-bat, half-boy, delivering hard-hitting stories that went unreported in the mainstream media. Now Bat Boy's a star of the stage, in a musical horror-comedy adapted from the story so sensational, one could almost believe it a work of fiction. Bat Boy: The Musical begins this Friday at 8 p.m., so tuck the $10 admission fee under your wing and let your echolocation sonar navigate you to the St. Louis University Theatre at Xavier Hall (3733 West Pine Mall). Bat Boy will be performed through Sunday, March 4. Call 314-977-3327 for tickets and more information.
Fri., Feb. 24, 2012