Bastards (Les salauds)

Rated NR 83 minutes 2013

Vincent Lindon stars as Marco, a sea captain gone AWOL to avenge his brother-in-law's suicide and to rescue his estranged sister and his teenaged niece (Lola Créton); Chiara Mastroianni is Lindon's married lover, who has sold her soul in exchange for the security of her young son; and the remarkable Michel Subor is her husband - a sleazy financier who is the very embodiment of an evil beyond comprehension. Denis takes the viewer into the very heart of darkness in her most unsettling film yet, an unforgettable and thrilling commentary on late capitalism.

Film Credits

Director: Claire Denis

Writer: Jean-Pol Fargeau and Claire Denis

Cast: Vincent Lindon, Chiara Mastroianni, Isolda Dychauk, Lola Créton, Grégoire Colin, Hélène Fillières, Alex Descas, Julie Bataille, Michel Subor and Christophe Miossec

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