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Bandana's Bar-B-Q

Chicken, beef, pork and turkey all get the barbecue treatment here, and the last three items are smoked overnight for 10-15 hours. "If you want 60 pounds of barbecue, we can do it," says George Baldwin, assistant manager of the Manchester location. Bandana's has 10 locations, and people come from far and wide to get their 'cue.

1. Bandana's Bar-B-Q
2. K.C. Masterpiece
3. Super Smokers BBQ & Catering
4. Pitmaster Bar-B-Q & Grill
5. Phil's Bar B Que
6. Memphis Best Bar-B-Que & Grill
7. Mama's Coal Pot
8. Charlotte's Rib BBQ
8. Clancy's Rib Co.
10. C & K Bar-B-Que