Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (Xiao cai feng)

Rated NR 111 minutes 2005

Set in the days of the Cultural Revolution, when it was a crime, sometimes punishable by death, to listen to Mozart or read Balzac or enjoy any other Western classics. Luo and Dai are guilty of being sons of parents who are classified as "enemies of the people" and sent to Phoenix of the Sky, a remote mountain town, to undergo re-education. Trapped, their every movement spied upon, the friends discover two unexpected distractions -- a suitcase full of forbidden foreign books and the beautiful daughter of a local tailor -- that irrevocably change their lives and their friendship.

Film Credits

Director: Dai Sijie

Writer: Dai Sijie and Nadine Perront

Producer: Lise Fayolle and Philippe Rousselet

Cast: Liu Ye, Wang Suang Bao, Chen Kun, Xun Zhou, Chung Zhi Jun, Wang Hong Wei, Ge You and Xia Yu

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