Bad Guy (Nabbeun namja)

Rated NR 100 minutes

Korean director Kim Ki-duk's film begins with Han-ki (Jo Jae-hyeon), the leader of a gang of street thugs who patrol a Seoul red light district, becoming infatuated with Sun-hwa (Seo Weon), a college girl he glimpses in another part of the city. When he tries to force a kiss on her he is beaten up by her boyfriend, and his obsession takes an ugly turn. After discovering that she isn't as innocent as he originally thought, he finds a way to force her into prostitution on the street where he works. Her painful initiation becomes fodder for his voyeuristic impulses, and an uneasy, wholly unconventional relationship develops between them.~ Tom Vick, All Movie Guide

Film Credits

Director: Ki-duk Kim

Writer: Ki-duk Kim

Cast: Jae-hyeon Jo, Won Seo, Duek-mun Choi and Yun-tae Kim

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